PE foam is an elastomeric polymer that is soft and flexible. The material has good clarity and gloss, is light weighted, waterproof and is resistant to UV radiation.
LM Foam Studio processes this material to unique handmade wigs, hats and crowns.
As it is available in many colors, the possibilities are endless.

Foam wigs, hats and crowns are a great way to complete your cosplay, fantasy, Halloween or party costume, in fact any costume. It will not change shape, can handle bad weather conditions and you hardly feel you’re wearing a (large size) wig. And finally, most important: it does not itch.
Each model is made to your personal measurements and is unique and handmade.  Our wigs have also been used for mannequins, window display or store decoration and we are still expanding our target market.

Foam wigs are comfortable to wear and they will remain as new for a long time. All you need is a damp cloth to clean your wig, hat or crown, no further maintenance is needed.

Foam can be processed with heat, so caution is advised when wearing foam wigs and hats. All our products should be kept away from heat, fire or warm objects. LM Foam Studio cannot be held accountable for incorrect use of our products resulting in injuries or serious events.