New collection

Here at LM foam Studio, we are always looking for new models and challenges. We lovecaptain unicorn to design and create new models. Inspiration can come in so many different ways. Watching a movie, going to a theme parc or spending hours and hours on Pinterest, searching for something new to create. We make it our own, don’t copy other artists, as we respect the authenticity of creativity.

This year we have created new party hats that can be worn for at many occasions. A festival, theme party or fantasy fair. You might find a perfect event for these hats yourselves. As we make the hats completely from foam, the size or color does not matter, we can create it. In fact, we dare you to send us your ideas, share your vision for the perfect hat and we might add it to our collection. It is the truth, the best ideas come from our customers and time and time again they manage to surprise us.

It were very bucaptain zilversy months, we have created so many Marilyn Monroe wigs, that at the end we could create them with our eyes closed (not that we did, we can assure you). The photo’s and links are coming in our mailbox and that is the greatest satisfaction we get from our work, the joy and happy faces of our customers, wearing our foam wigs, accompanied by amazing costumes.panter captain

New foam wig models are currently being developed and we already can inform you, they are lovely! Let’s make 2019 a year to party, a year to shine, a year to be totally yourself.


What a X-mas

X-mas 2018 has passed and we are almost at the end of this year. Looking back it was a challenging year on many fronts, both personal as in business. We at LM Foam Studio are currently planning the upcoming year and I can already predict it is going to be a fabulous year! New models are currently being made, new business opportunities are coming and we are getting more involved in the international field of entertainment.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for the orders in 2018 and we hope to see you back in 2019 with new exciting ideas. Here are some pictures with our foamwigs at Universal Studios in Singapore. Remember, don’t forget to order in time to make sure you’re going to look absolutely foamtastic!

With love, LM FoamStudio



Drag wars

Today I will be attending a Miss Drag contest, not as drag, but as sponsor. It is carnival in my home town, the biggest in the Benelux. I made a foam wig for the presentor and will be giving a price to the winner.
It is the start of Pink Monday, a gay festival with more then thenthousand visitors. I love this day. It is the day you can be yourself, love is the key message and pink and fun is dripping from the bright lights of the carnival exhibitors.

I am not working on wigs all the time. People ask me questions, why I don’t post models every day, like my colleagues do. I am not a production line, never will be. I am artist. I am a writer. I have written a novel and published it last year. This year I wrote a story for a LBGT bundle with ten diversity stories.

But every now and then, the foam is lurking. I love to create new models and if both interests, writing and foamwigs come together, it feels like magic. And that is exactly the word I was looking for to describe Pink Monday. It is a magical day covered in Pink.

Be yourself… alwaysdrag

Global foaming

I wish I could go where all my wigs are going. It would be an amazing trip. In the past years I’ve sent my wigs to all the corners of the worlds. My website is visited by many people arround the world, sometimes places I haven’t even heard of. carltonLast week I had the privilege to send one of my wigs to a very special postal code: Beverly Hills 90210. I’ve been there once and it is a magical place, like New York is. Places where dreams are born, creativity is at it’s best and the energy is so inspiring that your body is tinteling of ideas. I hope one day I can visit my wig in the Ritz-Carlton.

beverlyThe new collection is slowly coming to the finishing line. Unfortunately we had a family tragedy, I was not able to visit Pink Monday in The Netherlands (one day where gay people feast and celebrate at the largest carnival of the Benelux). During these days it is good to go back to my studio, my art, work on some headpieces and forget the hurt and pain for just a few hours. But it is also a time to be together, hug and have long converstations, share emotions and just be there for eachother. And then the collection can wait just a little longer.

But thinking of it, isn’t that the most important goal in life, be there with the onces we love in good times and in bad times? It is not about how we look or what we are. It is about who we are, how we act, what we stand for and most of all, with whom we want to be with. Because when times get hard, when the pain seems to be too great to cope and the truth is too hard to handle, the arm arround your shoulder, the hand that folds arround your hand and the kiss on your forehead makes all the difference. It gives you strength and the love warms your heart. That is the moment you know you’re going get through no matter what.


I hope you’ll have a relaxing summer, no worries, no tragedies and lots of love. Enjoy, be yourselve with the one you want to be with and for once in a while: be foamtastic.

With love, Lady M

Foam & Concerts

Did you miss me?  I wasn’t relaxing or have been lazy. Indeed, it has been quite at my blog, my social media posts or in other promotion activities, but that doesn’t mean that I am laying back and relax (although I must admit that I could use a break and the idea of sunshine, beach and icecream makes me smile instantly).

I have been working on exciting projects. Not all of them can be revealed, but I can share one. I was asked to make foam wigs for the Amsterdam Concertbuilding for the Robeco summernights concerts. During the months July and August many concerts are scheduled and they divers from classic to rock. They all can be seen in the Amsterdam pinkConcertbuilding. So if you are planning a visit to Amsterdam these months, it is a beautiful cultural event that is highly recommended. And you might see my foamwigs.
The announcement and brand of these concerts are pink with a lady playing the piano with a white large wig. So they asked me if I could make Marilyn Monroe foamwigs in the color of the brand. Yes, ofcourse. It was a lovely opportunity to have my wigs seen by many (famous) people.

Then there was housekeeping. My studio needed a makeover. After a few years of wigmaking, I collected so many items that it was no longer possible to walk from one wall to the other … I felt like a real artist, but it wasn’t convenient. Actually, it still isn’t but progress is made. My husband build me a new office so I can rearrange the studio and have it more organized. Pictures will follow when all is done, I don’t want to scare you with the mess it is now.

Furthermore, I have been working on some new models. I try to renew my models each year, so that you and I remain inspired. Inventing new models is actually what I like the most in my work as a foam designer. Sometimes it turns out even greater than I imagined, sometimes I have to start all over again (everybody make mistakes). But the thinking, designing, trying to make it as perfect as it should be gives me new energy and great fulfillment.

Last, some more exciting is coming this year and I am working hard to make it happening, but … this will be revealed later (there are so many copycats out there, I have to be careful sharing new initiatives). If you sign up for following my blog/website you will be noticed at first of all the new stuff and discounts.

I am not sure if a new blog will be written before my summer holiday. There a many orders to finish and the Halloween season is starting soon again. I want to wish you all a great summer and remember … even at the beach, be foamtastic!


Last week I was for business in Rome, Italy. The city is beautiful and so inspiring. The ancient buildings and ruins, the statues and the feeling that you are thrown back in time a few thousand years is such a great feeling. It gave me so much inspiration.
At one day I ended up in a little shop in one of the many narrow streets Rome has. It only sold Venetian masks and there were thousand of them.


I won’t talk about the lovely food, or the amazing gelato, the flavors and the way it was displayed … unbelievable. So much inspiration must come to a result.At the moment I am working on some orders that need to be finished first, but after that, I will put my Italian ideas into foam results.

Many people ask me where I get my inspiration from. Like any artist, inspiration is everywhere. A kids movie I watch during a rainy afternoon on the couch with my kids lying in my arms gave me ideas for two wigs still to make.
My biggest inspiration platform is Pinterest, how I love that site. I already have millions of pins stored on my boards, some public, some hidden. I can spent hours looking for that one picture and oh boy, when I found it the feeling is so euphoric. So, many ideas are stored, in my head and on Pinterest.
But at a give point you have to stop looking and start creating. I can have a great idea and it looks amazing in my head, but when I start creating it, it might turn out to be slightly different then the version I had in my thoughts. Sometimes less beautiful, other times I even surprise myself.

So my advice to every (beginning) artist is: begin. Let your hands do the work and great art will come to live. Don’t stop when things go wrong, because those failures are the biggest steps to success. And don’t forget to enjoy. When you are doing the things you love, you are always on the wright path. Start climbing, be foamtastic.


Carnaval 2017

This is the last day of the feast carnaval. It was again an amazing time and I did see so many costumes that inspired me for new models.
I had the privilege to be part of a parade with one of my creations, it was so much fun. I got many compliments on my outfit and many wanted to feel (!) my foamwig. Maybe next year we have to introduce a new event: feeling foamwigs 😀


Tomorrow I will be leaving to Italy and I am sure I will get loads of inspiration there too. I love to do a roman wig with leaves and drapes one day.

Many people ask me for tutorials. I have been given workshops in the past and it was fun to do. It is great to see creativity finds its way and my students inspired me with their own ideas and techniques. Now I am finding out how to reach the international audience. There are so many ways to handle this. It would be good to hear from you how you prefer your tutorial.

Last but not least I would love to hear from you what kind of wig you would like to see next. What model or theme should I use for my next wig?

For now I am going once more into the crowd of happy people to celebrate carnaval for the last time this year. For those doing the same: I wish you all a great party. And remember: let’s have fun, be foamtastic.

Magic is in the air tonight

Magic is in the air tonight.

My two daughters had an amazing time in kindergarten and this is only because they had an outstanding teacher: Mr. Jan. There aren’t many male teachers in kindergarten, but Mr. Jan is an unique person. He sings, dance, plays puppet theater for the kids and most important, knows what every child needs to develop as best as they can. Thanks to his support my daughters had a great start in first class.

When the school year was over and my last child left his class, I promised I would make a foam wig for him. Now carnaval is coming in The Netherlands, it is a catholic feast of officially three days of fun, dressing up and going nuts before the fasten period of 40 days begins. Not many people are doing the fasten period, but carnaval in the South of The Netherlands is a big thing. It can be compared to Halloween but then lasting for four or five days and with Disney-like parades in every town.

When I asked Mr. Jan what kind of wig he would like, he gave me two options. He already had a cowboy suite and a magician dress. As I am a totally fan of fantasy, Harry Potter and magical stuff in general, the choice was easy to make. This is the result. I call the wig wicked wizard, but Mr. Jan is far from that. Okay, maybe he is with carnaval, like we all are here in the South during these days :


So wicked wizard turned out to be a large wig with white and silver curls and on top a dark blue glitter hat decorated with stars and silver band. It can be further decorated with magic details like owls, books, wand or potions. Wide 70 cms height 40 cm. I hope he still can go through the doors when wearing this one.

I know I will going to get a glimps in his class on Friday to see the complete result. For now, I have the make the other costumes that are still waiting to be finished before the party begins.

So to all of you who is reading this, come join the carnaval feast.
As always let’s have fun and this time be magically foamtastic

Let them eat cake …

This is my first blog about this topic and it will definitely not be my last.

I love Marie Antoinette and her style. From her shoes to her wigs, I think she is THE biggest fashion icon for so many decades.
This foam wig is representing Marie Antoinette for me.


Made out of white foam and also the tricorn hat is made from foam.
I imagine her wearing this model when eating cake, fitting shoes and telling gossips.
If only I could go back in time for just one day …

Soon I will show more in this style. It is my biggest dream to have a Marie Antoinette exhibition on one day to come. I have so many ideas that indeed could fill a gallery.
But for now the work is done.
I sit back, relax, drink my tea, eat my cake and look with a satisfied smile at the result in front of me. It almost looks like SHE is smiling back at me.
Let’s be bold, let’s have fun.
Be faomtastic and … eat cake

Your comments mean so much to me. Thanks for reading.

Let’s start

My first blog is a fact. With a new house design, website and tons of ideas floating in my head I’m ready to start to conquer the world (Oh yeah!).

For three months ahead my agenda is booked, and I must say that the orders are so inspiring. Some are copies of designs I made in the past, but there are also new designs and for that I need to get creative.

I must admit that I really like to design new foam models and through the years they have become more detailed, have more accessories and became better shaped. I am more focused now on single, exclusive designs then making large number of products. That is not who I am, I’m an artist.

So now I know what I want and how to move forward it is time to set my goals for this year. In that way I stay on the path that I want my business to take off.

If you like to know more about me, my business and making foam designs, stay tuned. Thank you for reading this first post, it is going to be a great year.mote