New collection

Here at LM foam Studio, we are always looking for new models and challenges. We lovecaptain unicorn to design and create new models. Inspiration can come in so many different ways. Watching a movie, going to a theme parc or spending hours and hours on Pinterest, searching for something new to create. We make it our own, don’t copy other artists, as we respect the authenticity of creativity.

This year we have created new party hats that can be worn for at many occasions. A festival, theme party or fantasy fair. You might find a perfect event for these hats yourselves. As we make the hats completely from foam, the size or color does not matter, we can create it. In fact, we dare you to send us your ideas, share your vision for the perfect hat and we might add it to our collection. It is the truth, the best ideas come from our customers and time and time again they manage to surprise us.

It were very bucaptain zilversy months, we have created so many Marilyn Monroe wigs, that at the end we could create them with our eyes closed (not that we did, we can assure you). The photo’s and links are coming in our mailbox and that is the greatest satisfaction we get from our work, the joy and happy faces of our customers, wearing our foam wigs, accompanied by amazing costumes.panter captain

New foam wig models are currently being developed and we already can inform you, they are lovely! Let’s make 2019 a year to party, a year to shine, a year to be totally yourself.

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