Drag wars

Today I will be attending a Miss Drag contest, not as drag, but as sponsor. It is carnival in my home town, the biggest in the Benelux. I made a foam wig for the presentor and will be giving a price to the winner.
It is the start of Pink Monday, a gay festival with more then thenthousand visitors. I love this day. It is the day you can be yourself, love is the key message and pink and fun is dripping from the bright lights of the carnival exhibitors.

I am not working on wigs all the time. People ask me questions, why I don’t post models every day, like my colleagues do. I am not a production line, never will be. I am artist. I am a writer. I have written a novel and published it last year. This year I wrote a story for a LBGT bundle with ten diversity stories.

But every now and then, the foam is lurking. I love to create new models and if both interests, writing and foamwigs come together, it feels like magic. And that is exactly the word I was looking for to describe Pink Monday. It is a magical day covered in Pink.

Be yourself… alwaysdrag

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