Global foaming

I wish I could go where all my wigs are going. It would be an amazing trip. In the past years I’ve sent my wigs to all the corners of the worlds. My website is visited by many people arround the world, sometimes places I haven’t even heard of. carltonLast week I had the privilege to send one of my wigs to a very special postal code: Beverly Hills 90210. I’ve been there once and it is a magical place, like New York is. Places where dreams are born, creativity is at it’s best and the energy is so inspiring that your body is tinteling of ideas. I hope one day I can visit my wig in the Ritz-Carlton.

beverlyThe new collection is slowly coming to the finishing line. Unfortunately we had a family tragedy, I was not able to visit Pink Monday in The Netherlands (one day where gay people feast and celebrate at the largest carnival of the Benelux). During these days it is good to go back to my studio, my art, work on some headpieces and forget the hurt and pain for just a few hours. But it is also a time to be together, hug and have long converstations, share emotions and just be there for eachother. And then the collection can wait just a little longer.

But thinking of it, isn’t that the most important goal in life, be there with the onces we love in good times and in bad times? It is not about how we look or what we are. It is about who we are, how we act, what we stand for and most of all, with whom we want to be with. Because when times get hard, when the pain seems to be too great to cope and the truth is too hard to handle, the arm arround your shoulder, the hand that folds arround your hand and the kiss on your forehead makes all the difference. It gives you strength and the love warms your heart. That is the moment you know you’re going get through no matter what.


I hope you’ll have a relaxing summer, no worries, no tragedies and lots of love. Enjoy, be yourselve with the one you want to be with and for once in a while: be foamtastic.

With love, Lady M


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