Foam & Concerts

Did you miss me?  I wasn’t relaxing or have been lazy. Indeed, it has been quite at my blog, my social media posts or in other promotion activities, but that doesn’t mean that I am laying back and relax (although I must admit that I could use a break and the idea of sunshine, beach and icecream makes me smile instantly).

I have been working on exciting projects. Not all of them can be revealed, but I can share one. I was asked to make foam wigs for the Amsterdam Concertbuilding for the Robeco summernights concerts. During the months July and August many concerts are scheduled and they divers from classic to rock. They all can be seen in the Amsterdam pinkConcertbuilding. So if you are planning a visit to Amsterdam these months, it is a beautiful cultural event that is highly recommended. And you might see my foamwigs.
The announcement and brand of these concerts are pink with a lady playing the piano with a white large wig. So they asked me if I could make Marilyn Monroe foamwigs in the color of the brand. Yes, ofcourse. It was a lovely opportunity to have my wigs seen by many (famous) people.

Then there was housekeeping. My studio needed a makeover. After a few years of wigmaking, I collected so many items that it was no longer possible to walk from one wall to the other … I felt like a real artist, but it wasn’t convenient. Actually, it still isn’t but progress is made. My husband build me a new office so I can rearrange the studio and have it more organized. Pictures will follow when all is done, I don’t want to scare you with the mess it is now.

Furthermore, I have been working on some new models. I try to renew my models each year, so that you and I remain inspired. Inventing new models is actually what I like the most in my work as a foam designer. Sometimes it turns out even greater than I imagined, sometimes I have to start all over again (everybody make mistakes). But the thinking, designing, trying to make it as perfect as it should be gives me new energy and great fulfillment.

Last, some more exciting is coming this year and I am working hard to make it happening, but … this will be revealed later (there are so many copycats out there, I have to be careful sharing new initiatives). If you sign up for following my blog/website you will be noticed at first of all the new stuff and discounts.

I am not sure if a new blog will be written before my summer holiday. There a many orders to finish and the Halloween season is starting soon again. I want to wish you all a great summer and remember … even at the beach, be foamtastic!


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