Last week I was for business in Rome, Italy. The city is beautiful and so inspiring. The ancient buildings and ruins, the statues and the feeling that you are thrown back in time a few thousand years is such a great feeling. It gave me so much inspiration.
At one day I ended up in a little shop in one of the many narrow streets Rome has. It only sold Venetian masks and there were thousand of them.


I won’t talk about the lovely food, or the amazing gelato, the flavors and the way it was displayed … unbelievable. So much inspiration must come to a result.At the moment I am working on some orders that need to be finished first, but after that, I will put my Italian ideas into foam results.

Many people ask me where I get my inspiration from. Like any artist, inspiration is everywhere. A kids movie I watch during a rainy afternoon on the couch with my kids lying in my arms gave me ideas for two wigs still to make.
My biggest inspiration platform is Pinterest, how I love that site. I already have millions of pins stored on my boards, some public, some hidden. I can spent hours looking for that one picture and oh boy, when I found it the feeling is so euphoric. So, many ideas are stored, in my head and on Pinterest.
But at a give point you have to stop looking and start creating. I can have a great idea and it looks amazing in my head, but when I start creating it, it might turn out to be slightly different then the version I had in my thoughts. Sometimes less beautiful, other times I even surprise myself.

So my advice to every (beginning) artist is: begin. Let your hands do the work and great art will come to live. Don’t stop when things go wrong, because those failures are the biggest steps to success. And don’t forget to enjoy. When you are doing the things you love, you are always on the wright path. Start climbing, be foamtastic.



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