Carnaval 2017

This is the last day of the feast carnaval. It was again an amazing time and I did see so many costumes that inspired me for new models.
I had the privilege to be part of a parade with one of my creations, it was so much fun. I got many compliments on my outfit and many wanted to feel (!) my foamwig. Maybe next year we have to introduce a new event: feeling foamwigs 😀


Tomorrow I will be leaving to Italy and I am sure I will get loads of inspiration there too. I love to do a roman wig with leaves and drapes one day.

Many people ask me for tutorials. I have been given workshops in the past and it was fun to do. It is great to see creativity finds its way and my students inspired me with their own ideas and techniques. Now I am finding out how to reach the international audience. There are so many ways to handle this. It would be good to hear from you how you prefer your tutorial.

Last but not least I would love to hear from you what kind of wig you would like to see next. What model or theme should I use for my next wig?

For now I am going once more into the crowd of happy people to celebrate carnaval for the last time this year. For those doing the same: I wish you all a great party. And remember: let’s have fun, be foamtastic.


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