Magic is in the air tonight

Magic is in the air tonight.

My two daughters had an amazing time in kindergarten and this is only because they had an outstanding teacher: Mr. Jan. There aren’t many male teachers in kindergarten, but Mr. Jan is an unique person. He sings, dance, plays puppet theater for the kids and most important, knows what every child needs to develop as best as they can. Thanks to his support my daughters had a great start in first class.

When the school year was over and my last child left his class, I promised I would make a foam wig for him. Now carnaval is coming in The Netherlands, it is a catholic feast of officially three days of fun, dressing up and going nuts before the fasten period of 40 days begins. Not many people are doing the fasten period, but carnaval in the South of The Netherlands is a big thing. It can be compared to Halloween but then lasting for four or five days and with Disney-like parades in every town.

When I asked Mr. Jan what kind of wig he would like, he gave me two options. He already had a cowboy suite and a magician dress. As I am a totally fan of fantasy, Harry Potter and magical stuff in general, the choice was easy to make. This is the result. I call the wig wicked wizard, but Mr. Jan is far from that. Okay, maybe he is with carnaval, like we all are here in the South during these days :


So wicked wizard turned out to be a large wig with white and silver curls and on top a dark blue glitter hat decorated with stars and silver band. It can be further decorated with magic details like owls, books, wand or potions. Wide 70 cms height 40 cm. I hope he still can go through the doors when wearing this one.

I know I will going to get a glimps in his class on Friday to see the complete result. For now, I have the make the other costumes that are still waiting to be finished before the party begins.

So to all of you who is reading this, come join the carnaval feast.
As always let’s have fun and this time be magically foamtastic

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