Let them eat cake …

This is my first blog about this topic and it will definitely not be my last.

I love Marie Antoinette and her style. From her shoes to her wigs, I think she is THE biggest fashion icon for so many decades.
This foam wig is representing Marie Antoinette for me.


Made out of white foam and also the tricorn hat is made from foam.
I imagine her wearing this model when eating cake, fitting shoes and telling gossips.
If only I could go back in time for just one day …

Soon I will show more in this style. It is my biggest dream to have a Marie Antoinette exhibition on one day to come. I have so many ideas that indeed could fill a gallery.
But for now the work is done.
I sit back, relax, drink my tea, eat my cake and look with a satisfied smile at the result in front of me. It almost looks like SHE is smiling back at me.
Let’s be bold, let’s have fun.
Be faomtastic and … eat cake

Your comments mean so much to me. Thanks for reading.


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