Let’s start

My first blog is a fact. With a new house design, website and tons of ideas floating in my head I’m ready to start to conquer the world (Oh yeah!).

For three months ahead my agenda is booked, and I must say that the orders are so inspiring. Some are copies of designs I made in the past, but there are also new designs and for that I need to get creative.

I must admit that I really like to design new foam models and through the years they have become more detailed, have more accessories and became better shaped. I am more focused now on single, exclusive designs then making large number of products. That is not who I am, I’m an artist.

So now I know what I want and how to move forward it is time to set my goals for this year. In that way I stay on the path that I want my business to take off.

If you like to know more about me, my business and making foam designs, stay tuned. Thank you for reading this first post, it is going to be a great year.mote

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